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VGH Viktoria Garten Huttenindustriebedarf AG offers an extensive range of refractory products and services. This range meets the high demands of today‘s steel-making industry. From VGH’s strong network, customers can expect the best in innovative and reliable refractory solutions which are essential to top quality steel production. VGH has its headquarters in Northrhine Westfalia near to Dusseldorf and has subsidiaries in Lipetsk (Russia), Mariupol (Ukraine), Bergamo (Italy) and Ambridge (USA) plus further sales offices in Russia, Belarus, Poland and Mexico. The VGH Quality & Development Centre is situated near to the European Centre of Refractories (ECREF) in Hilgert. VGH manufactures and delivers products and solutions from Western Europe to different parts of the world. These cover own-brand theramer and Interfull shaped and unshaped refractory products produced by the VGH-owned manufacturer theramer. Furthermore the theramer portfolio comprises refractory materials like, for example, castables, fluxes, functional ceramics and further products to meet customer-specific requirements.

VGH Viktoria Garten Hüttenindustriebedarf AG

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